Paragould Becomes a Gig City


PLWC's recently completed Fiber-to-the-Home project provides 1 gbps Internet speeds to Paragould residents.

Paragould, Ark. (July 21, 2021) - Paragould utility provider, PLWC, announces the completion of its 1 Gb fiber-optic network to the city's more than 11,000 residential and business customers. The Fiber-to-the-Home project was started in 2017, and its completion marks a red letter day for the city. 

Arkansas' Newest Gig City
Paragould is Arkansas' Newest Gig City.

U+ (U plus) delivers next-generation internet access, including Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) to the Paragould community. This ensures high speeds, low latency, fair pricing and superior local customer service. PLWC employees banded together to complete the four-year, $10 million project in-house. The end cost of the project was significantly lower than the original $25 million price tag. 

man talking at podium
Darrell Phillips, CEO of PLWC, reflects over Paragould's history with public utilities.

"We are proud to offer U+ fiber internet and IPTV to the citizens of Paragould," said Darrell Phillips, PLWC CEO, "and even more excited that we are able to complete the project in-house and under budget. That's unheard of, and it showcases the quality employees we are lucky to have. They are core to building superior infrastructure and providing a reliable product for our friends and neighbors."

group listens to presentation
Attendees listening to PLWC history presentation at the Gig City celebration.

U+ offers three tiers of high-speed internet access and streaming TV. PLWC offers U+ via G-PON fiber service which delivers speed up to 1 gigabit per second. 

"If Speed is what you want, 1-gig is what you should consider," says Marcus Dowdy, Manager of Broadband Services. "Gig will give you the best online experience for streamers, gamers, social media users, and families with multiple users and devices in their home. We knew high-speed would be important for the future and working through the pandemic taught us faster speeds are necessary to ensure everyone has more than enough bandwidth for working and school from home."

man speaks at podium
Mayor of Paragould, Josh Agee, presents brief remarks to close the Gig City celebration.

Mayor Josh Agee closed the occasion by stating, "Paragould has once again taken a bold step that will benefit our community for years to come. From this day forward, every new home and business in the city will have fiber connectivity available. This is another tool in our belt for recruiting new residents and businesses. I can assure you that this is not the last step. Just wait, Paragould has a bright future ahead of us because of days like today. I want to thank the team at PLWC for hitting this one out of the park!"

men flip switch

The switch is flipped to celebrate 1 Gig speed availability to PLWC customers.

PLWC is the municipal utility providing electric, water, wastewater, broadband, and video services to the city of Paragould.